Arktische Meereisflächen und Temperaturen verändern sich in Zyklen durch AMO, PDO, AO und die Sonne

Die arktischen Temperaturen und Meereisflächen verändern sich in Zyklen – getriggert über die AO, AMO und PDO. Dominanter Treiber soll die Sonnenaktivität sein. Das sagt zumindest ein neues Paper. Daraus:

“The arctic temperatures and arctic ice extent varies in a very predictable 60-70 year cycle that relates to ocean cycles which are likely driven by solar changes.” Ferner: “One prominent researcher, Igor Polyakov at the University of Fairbanks, Alaska, points out that pulses of unusually warm water have been entering the Arctic Ocean from the Atlantic, which several years later are seen in the ocean north of Siberia. These pulses of water are helping to heat the upper Arctic Ocean, contributing to summer ice melt and helping to reduce winter ice growth.”